Beware of Counterfeit Imitations of our Products!

Be sure not to accept inferior imitations. Ask for Blue Glass Pebble Company by name and ensure you get a GENUINE product that looks the best and is backed by an Industry Leading 10 year warranty!

When filling in your pool contract, make sure under pool interior it reads (for example) “Pacific” by Blue Glass Pebble Company.

We have recently had the misfortune of discovering certain pool builders and contractors have been installing inferior products for customers under the guise of installing our products. Even after charging customers extra and specifying our products in the contract, some contractors have been mixing up counterfeit knock offs. These fakes carry no warranty from us, could contain inferior ingredients, and are certainly not the pool interior you may have researched and chosen. We recommend you do your due diligence and ensure you are receiving what you pay for. Remember, poor quality and imitation pool surfaces can stain and permanently discolour over time. Please contact Michael on 0401 695 337 if you have any queries.


Our product always comes in triple layered white paper bags (as pictured), wrapped on pallets (as pictured).

It will clearly state “Premixed, just add water” and will have a label box containing the branded name of the colour you selected, i.e. “Mediterranean”.

If you have selected one of our products (i.e. “Pacific”, “Noosa”, “Mediterranean” etc. and the product does not arrive onsite looking exactly like this, then it is not our genuine premixed product.

Bag of Blue Glass Pebble ProductPallet of Blue Glass Pebble Product