Commercial Pools

Blue Glass Pebble Company is one of Australia’s leading suppliers of swimming pool finishes. We pride ourselves on our industry leading combination of aesthetic beauty, reliability; and passion and commitment. Like our vibrant pool finishes, our customer service is second to none. We have a proven track record across countless domestic and commercial installations, over many years, throughout Australia and abroad. We firmly believe our stunning range of glass pool interiors will be perfectly suited to your commercial swimming pool project.

Product Features

  • Stunningly vibrant pool finishes, with a diverse range of colours to suit any environment and design scheme.
  • Glass shimmers and sparkles in the sun and night light. Especially when the sun comes out it dances and comes alive.
  • It is perfect for resort upgrades or renovations.
  • Great balance of aesthetic beauty, pleasing texture and tough and durable nature – perfect for a commercial setting.
  • Easily applied by a diverse range of crews under varied and sometimes difficult site conditions
  • Material is user friendly for the applicator – easy to get right.
  • Product is hardy, durable, robust and long lasting.
  • Our interiors are forgiving; and do not suffer quickly when put under duress.
  • Easy to maintain in the short and long term. It is Popular with pool maintenance staff for hassle free nature
  • We have a proven track record across many commercial installations – from small boutique to large scale resort and also apartment complexes and swim schools.
  • Has a history of travelling well to Pacific Islands.
  • We are happy to provide recommendations of applicators if required, along with references for the product.
  • Very cost effective for the luxurious package the product offers.
  • Premixed perfectly down to the last bag to ensure total batch consistency