The Pool Interior for Builders / Applicators

If you're a builder or pebble interior applicator, you might have some questions about our glass pebble interiors. Read below, and if you've still got a question, please feel free to contact us today.


It looks good in a sample, but will it work that well for me when I use it?

We pride ourselves on having an extremely user friendly product which works first time every time for skilled applicators in any environment they may wish to use it. We are renowned industry wide for our customer service, commitment and reliability. We have countless happy customers in Darwin, Far North Queensland, Whitsundays, Mackay, Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Gold Coast, NSW Coast, Sydney, Melbourne, Echuca, Perth, Broome, Cook Islands and Fiji. What this tells you is our product is versatile, adaptable and easy to use – no matter what the physical environment or the particular techniques of the applicators using it.

Do I need any special expertise to use this product?

No, if you’ve ever installed a pebble interior you can install Blue Glass Pebble Company’s glass pebble interiors. It is installed exactly the same way standard pebble is - from the scratch coat, to the troweling, to the exposing and to the acid wash – it’s all done the same way.

Do I have to get a pebbler from a list of approved applicators?

No, of course not. Your pebbler is more than capable.

Can I water expose the product, or do I have to acid expose it?

You can certainly expose the surface by high pressure water, just like a normal pebble.

Does the pool need to be started up any differently?

Yes, you’ll need to not add salt for the first four weeks, add 4 litres of Cal Stop and make sure the customer knows their brushing regimen.

What if I have bags left over at the end? Am I stuck with them?

Of course not. We fully refund any unused bags that are returned to us in a re-sellable condition.

I’ve heard you need to add Geo Polymers to the mix to get the glass to work?

Not with our product you don’t. We stick to a 50:50 ratio of glass to pebble and for a good reason. The 50% white pebble base for the glass is very important. It makes the product workable, so the glass will stick in the mix without being blasted out, it cuts down on the maintenance factor for the customer and it hides shrinkage cracks which clear glass will not.

I’ve been bitten by fancy blue pool interior products before. Is this going to stand the test of time?

Yes it certainly will. Our glass pebbles are fully coloured glass pebbles. They’re not painted. That means the colour will always stay in the glass no matter what. Beyond that, we stick as closely to possible to standard pebblecrete technology for our product. It will be every bit as durable, hardy and low maintenance as pebblecrete has been for you for the last 20 odd years.

I’ve heard glass in cement doesn’t work over time…

What you are talking about is the Alkali Silica reaction that occurs when glass meets cement. It is the very reason our pool finishes are 50% glass and 50% pebble. If you only have glass and cement in your mix, this reaction can occur and occur severely, resulting in cement being eaten away, delaminating of glass and discolouration. Our 50/50 mixture has several advantages: It is not subject to this chemical reaction and the pebble forms the guts of the mix, holding the glass in tight.