New Zealand Pebble by Blue Glass Pebble Company

We are suppliers of premium pebbles for swimming pools. All our white aggregate is sourced in New Zealand and is 100% natural.

Our New Zealand white pebble is sought after for swimming pool construction not only for its true white colour with very few imperfections, but also for its exceptional quality all of which are naturally occurring characteristics.

When used in pools, it gives a refreshingly clean crystal blue hue to the water making a swimming pool very inviting with a crisp, vibrant finish.

We sell this range of pebbles as a raw material, to be mixed up into pool finishes by qualified pool builders and pebblecretors.

New Zealand White Pebble
Awarua White Pebble
Ebony Pebble
Full Black Pebble
Otara Gold Pebble
Jade Pebble

New Zealand White Pebble

Our New Zealand white pebble is sourced from the Deep South of the South Island in the rolling hills of Southland. The raw product comes from ancient riverbed deposits, which are unique to this geographic location. This pebble was forged thousands of years ago by Ice Age glacier movement. The Government mines all aggregate under strict, stringent control and management, so that the bare minimum of damage is done to the surrounding area. In its natural state, the pebbles are covered by pure white clay, which is washed away during processing.

New Zealand White is exceptional for its almost crisp, white colour and quality. This pebble is sought after for use in the swimming pool and other aggregate markets all over the world from Australia to the USA to Europe. It is one of the finest quality white pebbles found anywhere in the world because of its strength and durability which along with its colour creates a stunning end product that lasts for years to come. It is meticulously washed and dried to ensure its quality with quality testing throughout the processing of this natural pebble from the quarry to the bag.

The number one exporter of aggregate product in southern New Zealand supplies our pebble. The pebble is washed in one of the largest washing plants of its kind available - a Finlay 694 Rinser imported from Ireland and is a beast of a machine. It is a three-deck plant and has a 20-foot deck on top. The Finlay washing plant is feed water from a WP250 water pump, which produces 250,000 litres of water an hour onto the aggregate as it passes over the vibrating screens. The water is drawn from a source of four million litre storage ponds. The product is not only washed once, but three times to ensure the end product before drying is the cleanest it can possibly be - free from contamination. The finished washed product pictured above is blazing white. After washing, it is air dried in a clean, concrete bin until ready for further processing. The next step is to feed the washed pebble into our rotary drying kiln and screening plant for further drying and screening to precise sizes. The pebble is dried at 260° C as it passes through the drying kiln. From there is it bagged in either one-ton bulk bags or 20kg sealed plastic bags. Quality control is of utmost importance and testing is done at each stage of production to ensure the product is perfect for our customers.


New Zealand White 0.6-1.0mm and 1-2mm

Awarua White 1-2mm and 2-4mm

Ebony 1-2mm and 2-4mm

Full Black 1-2mm and 2-4mm

Jade 1-2mm and 2-4mm

Otara Gold 1-2mm and 2-4mm